Crashing waves and surfing dolphins

Sometimes, when we are in a place and Yin and Yang are not too at odds, the world is so absolutely beautiful! This is such a place. The human footprint is small here and everything else so big. The sun has just risen and I am drinking coffee on the edge of the Indian Ocean. The sea is mostly uninterrupted between here and Antarctica to the south, Australia east, and South America west.
The constant varying thunder of clear blue-green crashing waves meeting this rocky coast is cleansing and mesmerizing. No two waves or spouts of spray are alike. Occasional big puffs of foam float skyward and a fine mist caresses the skin and bathes the grassy campsite. Nose hairs tingle from the salty seashore aroma and eyes feast on churning white water echoing amongst all the Rocky alcoves, a cormorant flys by – all to the ceaseless wave drumming mantra of our Earth.
A few minutes ago a dolphin pod came by. We watched them for a couple hours yesterday until it became too dark to see. We were so absorbed with them we decided to forego dinner. They swam in a tight pod between the waves, sometimes slapping their tales like they were corralling fish. Then they would catch a wave so their bodies could be seen right in the clear curve of the wave. Some surfed on the top and others leapt far out of the wave like they were flung by a catapult.

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