Cape Town

Cape Town is impressive when you drive down from the north and see Table Mountain leering over the city. It was a little unnerving entering all the traffic and hustle and bussle after being on slow 4×4 tracks in the bush but we coped until we found a place to pop the tent.The Bushlore people picked up the rigs at our campground for the 10,000 km service and to fix a couple things and gave us a loaner vehicle. So the next day the four of us followed the coast down to Cape Point and ended up renting a couple chalets across a beautiful beach where several penguins were hanging out. I had a great swim in the aqua blue waters among big white boulders.
The Rose colored cliffs and peaks turned to Cabernet as the sun fell below the sea and you could see Cape Aguilles, the further most southern land of the continent off to the south east.
We did some fun stuff in the city too, walking the waterfront and checking out different boats, scoping out the markets and craft shops on Long Street, and enjoying street musicians and thespians preform. I must admit that I am not much of a shopper when hardware and wood isn’t involved so it took Odyssean willpower and some eye lashing from the women, to refrain from checking into the ‘Husband Day Care Center’, where ‘All a man’s needs are met’, while the women shop.
Of all the spectacular sights and profound feelings provoked by this continent, nothing outmatches the beauty of its women. The flawless and varied tones of the human skin accompanied with such genuine, unassuming smiles and graceful movement nourishes an eagerness to embrace others, if only with the eyes.

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