The faintest stars are just being erased by the brightening day as we sit here awaiting the opening of the park gate to follow the road toward the dunes of Sossouvlei. The wind has abated and the air is the perfect temperature. The repetitive call of the dove starts up and other birds and day creatures are warming up their instruments for the morning symphony.
We had a restful night at the very nice campground of Sossus Oasis. Shortly after laying down however I was startled by a stampede of Gemsbok galloping into camp. They continued to run into the circled camp in small groups until there were quite a number, some heading for the swimming pool. You could here them munching grass and smell them feeding alongside our tent. I looked out the side window a couple times to see their moon-lit backs and bent heads.
A big bus has pulled up behind us and people are milling about harnessed with huge cameras. The gate should open any minute now so I will put this device away and watch the day open. It is about 60 kilometers to Sossouvlei and we hope to watch the sun rise on all that sand.
I wonder if there are roughly as many stars as grains of sand.  I hope no Being finds the answer to that question.

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