Along the Aoub River

Days pass by, so full and rich, that it is hard to make time for reflection. We have passed over some fabulous terrain the last week coming from the west coast of Namibia to the Kaagliadi National Park in South Africa, bordering Botswana. We rose in elevation to over 1000 meters and drove out onto fingers of rock near the Kuiseb Pass surrounded by cracks that led to fissures, crevasses, and finally deep wide canyons. Folds and angled dikes of rock led off in different patterns depending on the direction you looked. Some canyons full of tumbles of huge pillows of rock, mountains with horizontal black striations, flat lone table tops in the middle of canyons and plateaus of brown, red rock in the distance. The road wound and twisted down to cross the dry riverbed and switch backed up the other side which was pocked with large caves.
Later we crossed the Zarishoogte Pass which had its own personality with its distinctive trees, shrubs, flowers and colored earth.
There is such a satisfying melancholy to travel these big open places inhabited by so many unique animals and so few humans. We do not see many vehicles at all some days and those few who operate graders or do road work always give up a hearty wave and open smile.
I hope I never forget the feeling of following the sandy course of the Aoub River, even if I don’t remember it.

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