Skeleton Coast

Since entering Namibia and leaving the Caprivi strip we travelled south west to Etosha National Park.Etosha was drier than usual for this time of year and we didn’t see as many animals as we became accustomed to in previous parks but it had a beauty all its own. The sands were whiter and the days brighter which made it all the more dramatic when we were enveloped in a dark thunderstorm with slashing rain and lightening all around. We spent a long while watching two lions feed on a Gemsbok and listening to bone crunch in their powerful jaws.Several jackals circled the perimeter waiting for their chance to dart in and snag a snack.Many colorful birds adorned the waterholes.

We drove south to Outjo, then to Swakopmund on the Atlantic. The past few days we have been along the Skeleton Coast. Mike and Swalbe have been surf fishing while Robbie and I have checked out different beaches and took a day to drive inland to Messum Crater which was extraordinary for the amazing configurations and conglomerations of colorful rock . The drive was very interesting as we followed the dry river bed of the Messum River.There were wild watermelons growing and other strange looking plants I’ve never seen before. It felt a bit like being on another planet for the day. We saw only one other vehicle since turning off the main highway.I think a lot of people would say the Skeleton Coast is a desolate place. There is not much human habitation now and I sure wouldn’t have wanted to wash ashore here from one of the many shipwrecks over the past centuries. Nowadays if a person isn’t into salt, tourists, or mining I reckon it would be a tough place to carve out a life.Still, there is something about this place that sinks into you.The longer you are here the more you realize there is actually a lot going on. The constant thunder of the Atlantic surf and cool breeze across these expansive white sands makes a person’s skin feel good and even seems to have an effect on clearing the mind. The normal decision making necessary to navigate our trafficked world becomes unimportant here. In fact the only stress I am presently feeling is whether to stick with the Cabernet or go with a Pinotage. Ah, the Pinotage it is!image


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