We came into The Caprivi Strip yesterday which is part of Namibia that butts up against Zambia and Zimbabwe and runs along Angola’s southern border. All of our border crossings have been very congenial and quite expedient. The overwhelming impression from our interactions with the African people thus far has been very welcoming. There is a vibrant, unassuming nature, and a genuine kindness one feels among the people here. Every day is decorated with a hundred easy smiles.The authoritarian attitude that seems to characterize U.S. Border crossings is absent here. We heard some horror stories about going into Zimbabwe but our custom agent was very humorous. Ahh, Sarah Palin he remarked when he learned we were from Alaska and then commented on her endorsement of Trump. We felt compelled to assure him that she and the general buffoonery of the Republican Party at present was not representative of all Americans.
We stayed in a wonderful campground on the Zambezi River last night just outside of Katima Mulilo. We slept to the serenade of a thousand frogs.
This morning, as the rosy fingertips of dawn lit the trees on the far shore, a young man standing, slid across the smooth river paddling his Mokoro. image



  1. Gayle and Dave


    Wow Steve and Robbie! All your pictures, videos, and stories are so wonderful! What a grand time for you guys! We love you!!

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