Africa – test run


We entered Krueger Park yesterday through Numbi gate after stocking up on more supplies in Nelspruit. It was a beautiful ride which was nice because we saw some of the country a couple times due to a combination of poor signage and questionable navigational skills. I think I have the GPS figured out a little better now which will hopefully be more of an aid then a distraction. The people here seem exceptionally handsome and happy on the whole and I particularly enjoyed seeing all the school children in their sharp uniforms cajoling and horsing around on their way home. The road side was littered with their bright smiles. Within five kilometers of the Numbi Entrance gate we saw several elephants, a giraffe, and quite a few impalas.
We camped at the Petrosious camp last night. During our early morning packup we were greeted by a flock of colorful headed Guineas and a squadron of monkeys that were not shy. While closing the side panel I looked over to see a little monkey sitting on the side mirror eyeing me for a possible treat. Now I will try to add a picture.

Hum, I guess I’ll try that a little later


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